Express Fast Dry Top Coat
Moisturizer Herbal Base Coat
Longer Nails Growth Treatment
Harder Nail Strengthener
Garlic Treatment
Blue Diamond Top Coat
Calcium Gel
Smoother Nails Ridge Filler
Glossier Nail Acrylic Top Coat
Express Fast Dry Top Coat - TFC
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Take your manicure one step further with NK Nail Treatments. Designed to treat, prepare, and nourish nails for polish wear and grooming. Made in USA with natural extracts. Big Three-Free.

Available in nine varieties: Express Dry Top Coat, Moisturizing Herbal Base Coat, Blue Diamond Top Coat, Calcium Gel, Glossier Nails Acrylic Top Coat, Garlic Treatment, Longer Nails Growth Treatment, Harder Nails Treatment, and Smoother Nails Ridge Filler.

Net Wt. 0.5 fl oz. / 12 ml