About Us


Founded in the heart of New York City in 1995, Nicka K New York was built on the premise that beautiful, premium makeup should be an essential, attainable part of every woman’s daily life. We set out to create professional-level makeup that was not only high quality but also affordable – proving that the best makeup is not always necessarily the most expensive.

Since our inception more than 25 years ago, Nicka K New York has steadily progressed, expanding to offer not just makeup but also styling tools, accessories and now, K-Beauty skincare. Already a prominent exporter to Canada, Latin America and the United Kingdom, Nicka K is dedicated to pursuing further growth and building strong, lasting relationships with some of the leading retail chain stores.

No matter how much we expand, our primary commitment is – and always will be – to ensure customer satisfaction.  Throughout the years, we have become known for our 
dependable service and our commitment to providing quality products.

Even in the midst of heavy competition, Nicka K New York remains unsurpassed, offering the best quality and value in our products.

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